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Welcome To The RevOps & ABM Alignment

In this inaugural episode of The RevOps & ABM Alignment, guest host Ed Purmalis interviews the Co-Founder & CRO of MAN Digital - Romeo Mann.

Romeo loves to ask questions to absolutely everyone, learn the why behind complex issues, and break down complicated concepts to present them in a simple manner.

This weekly podcast will bring a specialized and strategic approach to a variety of topics in the B2B Go-To-Market space, with a heavy emphasis on two effective and often misinterpreted motions - Account-Based Marketing and Revenue Operations.

You can expect to hear from subject matter experts that work with data on a regular basis and walk the walk - CFO’s, RevOps Leaders, VC’s and CRO’s. You can also expect newer adapters that have seen the magic behind a truly effective GTM strategy.


Both RevOps & ABM are getting more and more popular due to the amazing pace at which GTM technology is evolving.

The goal of the show is to dissect why you need to implement these motions, how to properly do it, and to make sure you’re doing what really matters - gaining net new revenue.

The aim of this show is to answer some hard-hitting questions such as:

  • Are you correctly interpreting the data?
  • Is your data even correct?
  • How do you set the right KPI’s for revenue teams?
  • How do you achieve alignment between Marketing, Sales and Customer Success?
  • How do you target your prospects with true relevance?
  • How do you empower executives to be self-sufficient when looking for answers?

What technology should you prioritize and implement?

..and much more!

Speaking of technology - this episode highlights the importance of connector tools like Zapier, data enrichment tools such as LeadMagic, and of course - ChatGPT with all of its wonderful plugins.

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