HubSpot as Your Ultimate RevOps Advantage with the Co-Founder & CEO of Supered, Matt Bolian

In this episode, Romeo is joined by Matt Bolian, the Co-Founder of RevPartners and the Co-Founder/CEO of Supered  - a company that helps turn CRM adoption into your superpower by providing training and guidance for revenue teams.

Matt’s background is in the US military, where at the end of his 6 year tenure he held the title of Director of Analytics: Battalion Intelligence Officer. A lot of his daily tasks were similar to the duties of a RevOps professional - he needed to synthesize information to help people make the right calls, which is exactly how RevOps aides their revenue teams.

Once he left the military, Matt found his next role at C Spire as their Chief of Staff. Initially he had thought of going into sales, but he noticed that the structure that C Spire had made for their sales team was inefficient, so he took it upon himself to fix their CRM and go from chaos to clarity.

Matt’s journey to becoming the Co-Founder of RevPartners started in 2019, when the President who hired him at C Spire became a CEO of Connectivity Wireless and took him along for the ride. Initially it was planned that Matt would lead their business operations/marketing and be in charge of their ERP, although they had a Microsoft Suite, which Matt is not a fan of. During that time the CEO who brought him over left, and then everybody who he brought along for the ride got laid off - except Matt. Matt realized that his role was a quintessential part of the business, even though he didn’t have the name for it, and so his journey into RevOps began.

His A-HA moment was when he realized that RevOps was a very difficult role to hire for, so upon meeting Brendan Tolleson, who at the time was a CRO, they began to brainstorm on how to effectively help companies outsource this function and avoid the trial and error that is required to successfully build a RevOps function in-house. And so - RevPartners was born.

It’s no secret that Salesforce is an expensive, and often overly complex tool for most businesses. When Matt discovered Hubspot, he came to the conclusion that this was the right CRM for him to hone his specialty in, as it does all the base functions he needed than any other platform, so he went all-in.

Romeo and Matt take a deep dive into how to correctly analyze your Go-To-Market strategy and what common mistakes are making revenue teams inefficient. Matt says that every company is doing RevOps in one way or another - even if they don’t realize it - and mentions that a company's revenue maturity is not an indicator of their RevOps maturity. The first things to look at are if your sales team is following a process and if your success team is all on the same platform, otherwise you’re approaching RevOps backwards.

Tune into the full episode to learn more ways to turn HubSpot into your ultimate RevOps advantage!

02:25 Matt’s Military Background
05:15 How Matt Became Chief of Staff
06:49 The RevPartners Journey
10:42 How Matt Started With Hubspot
15:50 RevOps Role in the Current Market Turmoil
20:36 How to Analyze Your GTM Approach in 2023
28:52 First Steps for RevOps Adoption
36:03 Does Supered Collaborate with the Hubspot Team?
37:54 What Changes Hubspot is Making to Help RevOps Teams
43:15 Building Sales Playbooks & Processes Right

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HubSpot as Your Ultimate RevOps Advantage with the Co-Founder & CEO of Supered, Matt Bolian
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