Cracking the Code of Revenue Attribution with the CMO & Co-Founder of Dreamdata, Steffen Hedebrandt

In this episode, Romeo is joined by Steffen Hedebrandt Co-Founder and CMO of - a company that Automatically extracts, cleans and simplifies your B2B go-to-market data, and empowers your team through revenue impact.

Steffan's journey into the world of B2B marketing and growth began shortly after graduating from university in the early 2010s. Throughout his career, he has honed his skills in various marketing and growth-related roles, gaining invaluable experience in the B2B go-to-market landscape. His professional path has consistently led him to startups and scale-up companies, where a digital focus reigns supreme.

By applying a deep-rooted growth mindset and a data-driven approach, he has successfully scaled businesses and built teams at companies like Upwork and Airtame. At DreamData, Steffen and his team empower customers to understand their customer journeys, optimize costs, and strategically allocate resources. His role as Chief Marketing Officer underscores his commitment to solving the challenges of scaling marketing and growth. 

Steffen's journey exemplifies his dedication to helping businesses thrive in the dynamic B2B landscape, making him a notable figure in the field of marketing and growth.

Steffen's perspective on Chris Walker's self-made attribution approach emphasizes its low implementation cost and the additional data points it provides that aids in understanding customer journeys. He recommends its adoption in most companies, drawing from his own company's experience with a sample of 100 demo calls, revealing that people often don't remember their funnel entry points, highlighting the inconsistency of self-reported answers. While it appears  easy to implement, Steffen cautions against viewing it as a universal cure for businesses. 

The self-reported attribution, which involves open-field questions about referral sources, is relevant in B2B SaaS companies. Still, DreamData offers a more comprehensive solution that goes beyond merely asking customers how they heard about a product or service.
Steffen suggests that self-reported attribution can help identify instances where marketing stands out, though it risks confirmation bias, potentially exaggerating the impact of certain marketing efforts. 

Tune in to the full episode to learn how to approach revenue attribution in 2023!

01:00 Introducing Steffen
02:25 Take on self-made attribution
08:50 Navigating a cookie-less world
11:25 Addressing attribution challenges
19:09 The usual missing components for prospect accounts
25:00 The road from trial to winning
30:10 The challenge of evengalazing clarity in the customer journey
36:20 Learnings from GTM campaigns
41:45 Communities for B2B SaaS, RevOps and ABM research

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Cracking the Code of Revenue Attribution with the CMO & Co-Founder of Dreamdata, Steffen Hedebrandt
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