Creating a Unified RevOps System with the Director of Growth Marketing at Syncari, Evan Dunn

In this Episode, Romeo is joined by Evan Dunn, Director of Growth Marketing at Syncari.

Evan's career spans linguistics, marketing, analytics, and AI. He began in linguistics, transitioned to marketing and social listening consulting, and later entered analytics consulting for TV shows. Evan excelled in digital and growth marketing, having worked with unicorns and collaborating with CMOs and IT leaders across his career. Evan embraced Account-Based Marketing (ABM) at Syncari, where he is the Director of Growth Marketing, emphasizing the impact of data alignment. Evan's versatile experience makes him a valuable asset in data-driven marketing and technology, demonstrating adaptability and various insights from across diverse industries.

In B2B service and software, the reliance on sales conversations is crucial, even as the SaaS market evolves. Evan points out that research from PeerSignal suggests that even PLG companies are reintroducing sales teams to maintain customer stickiness and create effective feedback loops. The guest shares two main challenges which emerge in the B2B domain: the need to track conversations and the intricate relationship between companies and individuals within them.

Historically, Salesforce initially structured its data model like accounting software, leading to a mismatch in data needed for Account-Based Marketing (ABM). This misalignment created a necessity of lead-to-account matching to cater to ABM's focus on turning leads into accounts. However, smaller companies without strict procurement processes face challenges when shifting towards company targeting.

In contrast, HubSpot adopted a different data architecture, reflecting their pioneering vision of cloud CRM. For growing companies, data alignment might not be a priority, but it becomes crucial as businesses scale and seek greater productivity. Data sets and IT play pivotal roles in B2B organizations, with early-stage startups needing systems that support experimentation and rapid adaptation. Accurate data alignment across systems, called operational data, is essential for effective campaigns, while analytical data is used for strategic dashboards and strategic decisions made by top level management.

Creating systems that foster alignment across RevOps and ABM functions is crucial. Data and IT solutions can help these teams work towards a common goal of revenue generation. Syncari, a potential solution, emphasizes the importance of business-wide alignment facilitated by efficient systems and instrumentation. As businesses shift their focus away from high-tech sectors, data-driven insights become essential for targeting new industries. Data in the hands of front-line teams is critical for feedback loops and informed strategies, as relying solely on communication tools like Slack can result in inadequate sample sizes for strategic decision-making. 

01:04 Introducing today's guest 
02:40 Connecting the customers
09:28 Relevant data structuring
15:20 RevOps and ABM alignment
21:25 Educating SDR's
29:30 Superstar culture vs OKR culture
37:15 The importance of data accuracy 
43:40 Learning resources on ABM and data

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Creating a Unified RevOps System with the Director of Growth Marketing at Syncari, Evan Dunn
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