Navigating Intent Data with the Head of RevOps at N.Rich, Anastasiia Binns

In this episode, Romeo is joined by Anastasiia Binns, Head of RevOps at N.Rich - an ABM and buyer intent platform. The episode focuses on how she has implemented Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and how Revenue Operations (RevOps) plays a crucial role in enabling ABM within their organization.

The guest  takes a no-nonsense approach to RevOps and proudly identifies as a HubSpot enthusiast. Drawing from experience building the RevOps function from scratch in four different companies, she shares insights into the world of revenue operations. The guest's expertise lies in establishing RevOps from the ground up, often stepping into organizations with minimal operational support. Anastasiia recounts her journey at N.Rich, highlighting the introduction of ABM as a new concept. While emphasizing and adapting to GDPR compliance in her approach, she notes the differences between the US and EU players in the space such as terminals and demand base. 

Anastasiia introduces herself as a team of one at N.Rich, responsible for RevOps. Her expertise lies in building RevOps functions from scratch, and she shares her journey of joining the company with the goal of setting up the RevOps function and implementing ABM.

Anastasiia explains that the platform combines intent data and ABM advertising. The company targets accounts, not individual prospects, and uses advertising to engage these accounts. N.Rich's platform optimizes campaigns, focusing on clicks, conversions, and significant engagements rather than mere impressions. The platform also helps segment the audience based on intent data, making content more relevant.

The guest clarifies that the company captures IP addresses and tracks cookies to understand which companies are engaging with content. They focus on company-level intent data, which is GDPR compliant. She distinguishes this approach from some US-based companies that use person-level intent data, which can raise GDPR compliance issues.

At N.Rich, the company defined their ICP and categorized accounts into three tiers. The decision-making process for tiering involved aligning sales and marketing goals and ensuring consistency in targeting. RevOps played a facilitating role in these decisions.Anastasiia mentions that the company leverages HubSpot's integration to monitor account activity and engagement. The data captured in HubSpot helps the SDR team understand when accounts demonstrate first-party intent. The team uses campaign analytics for additional insights. They also modified their attribution mechanism to accommodate the changes made during the ABM implementation.

00:30 N.Rich's Approach to Implementing ABM
10:43 Creating A-Tier Lists for Ad Campaigns
13:20 The Role of RevOps in ABM
17:42 Overlooking Early Stage ABM Priorities
24:53 Becoming Relevant to Targeted ABM Companies
28:05 Top 3 Ideas for a RevOps Roadmap
31:04 Resources for RevOps and ABM Learning

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Navigating Intent Data with the Head of RevOps at N.Rich, Anastasiia Binns
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